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A fan's review on the Anthology Tour - South America - Brazil - 2007

Marisa ( Mari) - Brazil

I found out Bryan Adams was performing live in Porto Alegre/Brazil when I came back from my holidays at the beach. It was such a huge surprise. I confess I never guessed it would atually happen. I had almost given up on seeing the guys performing here. It was a 23 years wait...

My son told me that tickets were on sale so I rushed to buy mine. I did not even ask how much it was.. I was driven by excitment. The gig was due to happen on March 3 in Teatro do Sesi - Porto Alegre and it was February when I bought the tickets. My daughter ( 18 ) joined me for the concert.

Since that day we started warming up for the gig watching dvds, listening to all of Bryan Adams's cds we had and seeking internet for news on the South America Tour. They were finally arriving here and it seemed like a dream coming true.

I met many fans from all over the country. I am moderator for Bryan Adams Brazil community and Keith Scott Brazil community so I really started the warm up for the gigs in those communities.
We were aware of set lists from the gigs in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay so all we could expect was similar set lists for the gig here.

The most amazing thing happened when the day finally arrived. March 3., 2007. We set up a meeting place at the Theater so we were there at about 20 h.
I also found out what time the guys would arrive in Porto Alegre and sent the information to some fans that were willing to greet Bryan and Keith at the airport. Some even managed to take pic at the airport with Bryan.
They ended up getting here at about 6 pm on the gig's day. They headed straight to the Theater , performed and flied to Rio right after the concert.

We had few chances to meet them but we were going to try anyways..

It was fantastic to meet some fans from other cities that had travelled long hours to attend the gig.

At exactly 9.10 pm the guys entered on stage performing "Can't Stop this thing we started" We were really excited but we could not stand up because the gig was in a theater and there were people sitting behind us that asked us to stay sitting down. What a big frustration!! Can you imagine watching a rock concert that way ? When they played 18 till I die we could not stand it anymore and went to the highwall , then the security crew allowed us to stay close to the stage. That was absolutely awesome. ( Check out on the pic where we were )

The set list was perfect. Our friend Ellen ( who attended three gigs ) recorded Keith performing "It's only love" Wow K-man rocked.. He was awesome!!
He has so much energy and empathy with the audience that sometimes Bryan just stayed watching him perform showing so much admiration for his work. K-man is a wonderful musician!! We are happy we got to watch him performing here in our city. We really hope they come back soon.

Meeting the guys after the gig

After the gig we managed to find out which exit the guys were coming out . Then we waited , and finally they showed up. Bryan got into a van and started autographing stuff for the fans.
There was another van and the girls found out Mickey was inside it.. But.. Where was Keith?? He finally came out with his guitar and talked to Susana and Ellen. Took pic with them and also autographed the cd's cover. He was extremely nice.. asking if they wanted him to sign anything else.

After some minutes they left.. That was the sad part of the story.. We wished they would stay here forever..

Set list from Porto Alegre
Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Open Road
This Time
18 Til I Die
Let's Make A Night To Remember
Back To You
I Think About You
Summer Of '69
The Best Of Me
Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
Everything I Do
Cuts Like A Knife
When You're Gone (with Claudia)
It's Only Love (BA on acoustic!)
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
Cloud #9
Run To You
Please Forgive Me
Straight From The Heart
When You Love Someone
All for Love