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A Night To Remember

Julie-Ann Dwyer - Ireland

All I can say is WOW!!! What a night - the best of my life! We queued for four hours and, in those four hours, we saw Bryan drive to the gig in a black Mercedes and then a few minutes later a bus with English plates drove in the gates while we were still screaming for Bryan. I thought "have fans from England come over?" but when I looked in the windows I nearly fainted; sitting in the bus's front seat was KEITH! Scream!!!! I saw Mickey, Tommy, Dave and Danny too, so I screamed for them too.
When the doors opened we just ran! My friend Ruth got in before me and secured a place in the Front Row!! We could see the guys walking around backstage (scream yet again). Then they walked on stage - no supporting act - it was cool! First up THE ONLY THING... everyone went crazy - I know I did! Ruth and I had our "HEY BABE" poster held high and when Bryan came over to us he smiled - so cute! Then they dived straight into DO TO YOU followed by EVERYTHING I DO, HEAT OF
THE NIGHT, and STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART. During one of those - I'm not sure which - I was waving my "HEY BABE" and looking at Keith. He saw me and smiled and winked, I nearly jumped onto the stage but I couldn't move an ince! It was so sweet of him (Thanks, Keith).

The band played tight - the guys understood and fulfilled every signal Bryan gave them. One time Bryan held his fingers apart and then closed them. Everyone except Keith stopped! With all eyes on him Keith started to play his guitar against the microphone - it sounded good too!

On the B-stage Bryan announced that Mickey was Irish - that got a good cheer! I think PLEASE FORGIVE ME was played because of me. I wrote a letter to Bryan saying how I would like to meet all of the guys. I held it up for him to see. He looked over and saw it and walked to me! I couldn't reach so Ruth took it and gave it to him. Bryan opened the letter, read a bit and then walked to the microphone. "Dear Bryan, Hi! How are you? I'm pretty excited at the moment because I'm standing in front of Keith and I love him!" Very true, but I wanted my backstage passes! Bryan gave the letter to Keith who opened it again and read a little. I understand why Bryan did what he did. I mean, he can't be handing out passes to everyone who throws a letter up to him!! (Keith, tell him I still love him and I love you too!). I had a Chelsea sticker in the envelope. When keith saw it he looked a bit puzzled first but then (and this was breath-takingly sweet) Keith put the sticker on his guitar and came right over in front of us to play the next song!!(Thank you, Keith).

I also had some "smiley face badges" in the envelope. I think all of the guys liked them - they all smiled when they saw them!! I also had a few things highlighted in the letter - my address and PLEASE FORGIVE ME and LOW LIFE, because I wanted them to play those two songs in particular.

The final song was I'LL ALWAYS BE RIGHT THERE. Bryan and Keith were alone on the stage for this. It was soooo beautiful and, even though we all knew it, everybody just listened to the breathtakingly beautiful combination of Bryan's voice and Keith's guitar. The thought of it still brings a tear to my eye.

I will never forget, for the whole of my life, the fabulous day I had on 29th March, 1997. The memories of this day will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Thank you Bryan, Keith, Tommy, Dave, Mickey and Danny. I LOVE YOU