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Krispy Kreme Kapers

Hey all!

Well,.. Here we are again back in America... And what a country! Seems we've missed the place a fair bit..The gigs with Def Leppard have been fun so far..with good crowds and mostly fair weather, but since we've been up northeast, the weather has soured slightly..Maybe thanks to storm Dennis the Menace..But hey!..That's what can happen on the outdoor circuit..

While touring, we prefer to enjoy most of what's to offer here during summer, but I must really let you all know about a culinary delight which since before this year has eluded me..Oh, I've been aware of all the hype surrounding the name. The old style company and such, but since I hadn't been a big fan of this item in the past, I was not that interested..But since we ARE in the grand old U. S. of A. why not try it!

I must confess I was wary to sample this treat, each one having a fat count of 150 grams or so..but boy,the taste is something else.I'm talking about the famous Krispy Kreme glazed donut.! I mean this is heaven..pure heaven..keith and krispy kremes

According to the website..the company was started in Winston Salem North Carolina in the summer of 1937 and after years of growth and eventual decline, was sold to another food corp. In the early 1980's, a concerned group of franchisees, re-established the brand name and the quality, and since then, company has been successfully resurrected to national status once more..and the result is, arguably, the country's finest glazed donut.One only has to try this fine delicacy and you will be hooked for life!..Ok,.. for health reasons I'm not advocating we all rush out and devour a dozen donuts every other day, but what better way to wake up to your day, than to your beverage of choice and a warm sweet donut..You can almost taste it now..donut anyone?