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Sabrina Lives Her Sweetest Dream

Sabrina Korva - Canada

It's Friday December 1st and my mom and I and my younger sister and dog Cocoa are at the airport ready to fly to Kelowna. For some reason , they wouldn't let Cocoa on the plane. I was so disappointed because I had spent all week getting her ready with her new earrings and her new lovely colours. She had never looked so beautiful before. I even went so far as to tell the airline she was Keith Scott's very talented new band member and was needed to sing a duet with him at his concert. They still wouldn't change their mind! So she had to stay and help my Dad at the shop.
I had previously made arrangements with some friends that I had met on BA's site and a Jane from this club, to meet up before the concert. I was so excited to meet all these people that had become my internet buddies since last winter when I joined the club. They had been very supportive with my music as well! We all met at Earl's downtown Kelowna. There was my mom and aunt Erika, Noreen, Jane, Cindy, Sue and Jana from Alberta, Dee and than Beate who had flown in from Norway just for the concert. It was totally AWESOME!!!
I actually arrived at Skyreach a bit early with mom and my aunt. My cousin 'Lorne' was working there as the "Communications Coordinator". He knew how badly I wanted to meet up with Keith at some point as I probably told him 1000 times. I also mentioned to him if he happened to see Keith, to say that I had a truckload of purple ice cream waiting for him!!
We could hear Bryan doing the sound check as we were by the media entrance. That was so neat!! There was no one there except for a security it was cool!! All of a sudden my cousin came by laughing and shaking his head. He said he had just run into Keith Scott and he said I could come back after the show. Well, my cousin.....knowing me very well, probably begged Keith to see me so I would quietly go away and not threaten anyone with ice cream trucks. Anyway.....I was now sooooo EXCITED.....I must have jumped up and down for 20 minutes !!!! The security officer now wanted to check my bag ( she thought I was on something) but my mom intervened saying "No it's ok, she's normally like this." Thanks mom!!All I could think about now was that I was going to meet my favourite singer/songwriter performer whom I have been chatting with on this site for several months. Someone who I admire so much and have been lucky enough to get advice and encouragement with my music stuff. How lucky could I be?
Our seats were in row 2....close to Jane and Cindy, but not the other members that I met. Jane took me and introduced me to a whole bunch of people from the BA's site that she knew. That was really cool too!!! Sorry Alicja, I missed you.
When the guys came out, I quickly held up my nice purple sign that said "Keith Rox". I was wearing a lovely purple feather boa around my neck as well. I didn't want Keith to miss me. I know Keith saw my sign because he was laughing when he looked at it. Mom thinks it is more likely he was laughing at what I was wearing.(I think she was jealous).
The concert was amazing as usual. They threw 3 big white balloons in the audience. That was really cool...people were bouncing them all over the place.

My favourite part of the concert was when Keith did this very interesting dance. I didn't know he was such a good dancer. I will call it the "19 And Over Dance"I won't go into any details about it because of my age......hahahahahhahaaaaa

They performed so many songs that I knew. Keith's guitar solos were soooooo AWESOME. I think Bryan called him incredible fingers or something like that.
For WYG....this time Bryan wanted audience participation to choose the lucky lady. He selected 3 and than wanted everyone to cheer and finally picked one. This part of the concert brought back INCREDIBLE memories from last year. I could feel the excitement the lady had who was up on stage with them.

I was busy keeping my eyes on Keith for the most part. He was always smiling.......and just having a great time! When they sang 'Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman', Bryan put his arms around Keith....ummmmmmmmmm again, I won't say anything because of my age! Anyways, Keith really ROCKED!! I loved the way he jumped on the stage.

I didn't sit down once during the was way too Cool! When the show was over, my cool cousin came to escort me backstage. I was so so so excited now. We waited just a few minutes and than out popped Keith from his dressing room. He wanted to shake my hand.....but forget that, I HUGGED him!! He asked me lots of stuff about how my music was going and I told him what a great dancer he was! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he told my mom that she was lucky to have a teenager who would be so nice and EASY to raise . I'm pretty sure that was what I heard. He shook hands with mom and my aunt and my cousin and was just so polite. We got some really cool pictures with Keith. Mom and my aunt were very impressed with how sweet and kind he was to us. Who would ever suspect he recently threatened to cover me in brown and yellow snow. Well, the evidence is on the site ! hahahahahaa
suspect he recently threatened to cover me in brown and yellow snow. Well, the evidence is on the site ! hahahahahaa

Anyways, 'My Sweetest Dream' had come true. I was meeting my hero . Keith had lots of people waiting to see him so I felt very honoured that he took the time to come and meet me. He signed the cool poem he wrote in the summer ,and posted on the site. That will be framed and put up on my wall. That is very special to me! Thank you so much! That is my keepsake!

The only sad part to this was that there was no snow in Kelowna. I had hopes of turning Keith into the nicest brown snowman anyone had ever seen! Well there's always next time and there will be a next time Keith! Ceri suggested that a brown snow storm would be really cool. We could add some nice slugs and things to complete the picture here. What do you think?

With the excitement I had forgotten to give Keith a little purple box so we went around back where everyone was waiting for them to come out. Before you knew it there was my cousin escorting Bryan to his van. Lots of people crowded around for autographs. I was lucky to have Bryan sign my 'Made in Canada' book . The security guard gave Bryan the gift I had, to pass it on to Keith. The van left and then Keith came out. Everyone now ran up to him for autographs and pictures. I couldn't help myself, I had to go again and hug Keith. Sorry K-Man......I couldn't resist the opportunity. You are lucky I only went to one concert! Thank you soooo much for the FANTASTIC show and for being my favourite singer/songwriter and such a nice guy with an incredible sense of humour . YOU REALLY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! By the way.......did you manage to eat all the ice cream that I sent to your hotel? Wasn't that a COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL idea!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

luv, Sabrina (Cuzooooozi Queeeeen)