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The Fontana's

The Fontanas cd

Recently, a lot of attention has been directed toward me about a certain musical endeavour of mine. The Fontana's, and since it may have seemed to come out of the blue in fact it was a slow labour of love that transpired over a few years.

It goes without saying that since i have a "real" job with a certain singer songster friend, that time to see the idea to fruition was in short supply. Plus the addition of two new family members..whew!..Anyway the result was more satisfying than i had imagined.

The original idea started with a friend who lives in my neighbourhood, Marc Holden, who was reintroduced to me by another neighbour. We had met up at a dinner party and discussed music and television and film, subjects that my friend was familiar with.He mentioned that he was writing and filming a comedy pilot for television here in Canada..The subject matter was..don't! He asked me if I was interested in penning a title song for it.. and numbed by a few glasses of red wine, I enthusiastically agreed! Later in the week, we had a right giggle making a few scratch ideas for it, and when the rough filming had ended he edited together a fun idea on tape. Then he shopped it for a while to film people, but to no interest, which I am told is typical for the tv biz. Disappointed, we went about our business, but I thought about it more later..hey! We have about 5 or 6 decent starts already, why not scratch a few more song ideas together and see what happens? After some more writing sessions,Ii felt we had a good representation of what we were talking about on that first gab session.So we started the ball rolling by recruiting session friends and studios etc. to contribute to our little attempt at a Surf-Rock band.

Since then, I have been asked by a few people, what is Surf music? We always referred to surf music as music that appealed to a certain crowd of young kids during the 1960's in Southern California and Hawaii mostly, but with fast, raging guitars and drums, with simple but powerful rock riffs, that sonically portrayed the danger and excitement for those who enjoyed riding the waves in those fine climes..We certainly tried to capture some of that spirit when we attempted to make this cd by listening to some of those early bands we were inspired! The Ventures, Dick Dale, Chris Isaak, and even the Beach Boys helped us to create some of the tracks..So after some lengthy sessions with guitars and saxophones, we finally felt we had enough material to mix into a CD. We got some fine help through out the process and we are grateful to all who contributed to it!

The name came out of nowhere really, we just began to shout out silly names one day and we just blurted it out! We couldn't believe that it wasn't an existing real band name. Any ways after some deliberations on the artwork we settled on the sleeve idea and pressed a few copies. So, to anyone who has obtained a copy we want to say thanks for being interested and we hope it is as fun to listen to, as it was to perform and record it!

enjoy and rock on baby!


Get your copy of the Fontanas cd by visiting the Fontanas website here