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Bospop Festival 27/2/99

by Christine Roukema - Holland

I got my ticket for the Bospop Festival on the 27th of February, which is also my birthday.. looking back now, that could've been a good sign!! So after 5 months of waiting it was finally the 10 th July! I'll skip the whole (boring) festival and start at 22.00, cuz thats when the band got on stage!!!

It was so good seeing them again after over 2 years!! I was wearing my Keith t-shirt. but there were a few people standing in front of me so after a few songs I took off the shirt so I could put it up in the air, and Keith would be able to see it. I think he has seen it a couple of times cuz I think he smiled and waved once!!! :-)Then there was this huge guy that pushed everyone away so he could stand at the front... but he did take me on his shoulders when he heard me yelling for Keith! ( maybe he thought he'd get rid of me after giving me the chance to take a good pic?!)

About an hour after the concert started, Bryan was looking around and saw my t-shirt again!! He asked; 'who's that?' so I yelled ; 'KEEEIIIIITH!!!' then Bryan read what the shirt said; Keith Scott Fan Club Member. He asked ' do you wanna meet Keith?'Well what a stupid question that was! Of course I do!!! hehe:-) When he heard I never met him before he said; ' well come up on stage then!!' Everyone started screaming and I had to get over the fence and get on the stage. The stage was pretty high so some security guys had to push me up there, and there I was.... ON STAGE WITH KEITH!!!

He was so nice and looked great!!!I must have looked like an idiot, cuz I didnt really realize what was happening, and it all happened so fast! After talking to Keith I shook hands with Mickey and then Keith asked if I wanted to meet Bryan. So we went over to Bryan, and he asked my name, and something else;" what do you think of Keith's ......?" but I didnt get that last part! They told me to sit down on the platform where Mickey' s drums are. They started to play 'Heaven' and Bryan said something like this song was about how Keith felt about me?! But I'm sure I misunderstood him, or he was confusing me with another female..

When they finished 'Heaven' a security guy came up to me with a glass of water and 2 plectrums from Keith!!! He took me to the side of the stage, so I thought that was it, but then I herd Bryan; 'Christine, where you goin??" and he pointed at the platfrom again, so I walked back and sat down again. I asked Keith if I could stay there for the rest of the concert and it was ok!! It was really great! I've seen half the concert from the other side for once!! I really can't remember everything I said or what he said.. a bit later Bryan brought 2 other girls up on stage, a Mickey, and a Bryan fan. Every now and then Keith came over to say something or he smiled , it was so fantastic!!! I even got hold of Keith's guitar for a moment, until a roadie came and took it away from me :-(

Standing in front of a huge crowd wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! When the concert was almost finished Keith came over to us again and kissed all 3 of us! :-) and then Bryan pushed us along with them to the side of the stage. I remember I asked Bryan if Keith could sing a song, but he didnt really give an answer, and it didnt happen....when they came back for a few songs we watched them from the side of the stage. After that they went away very quickly so we didnt have a chance to talk to them anymore, but it had been a fantastic evening!!!!

After looking around a bit, the security people brought us back to the field, and a lot of people recognised me from being on stage! To me this concert was the best I've ever been to, and so far it definitly was the best day of my life!!!

Thank you, Keith!!!!!!