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Bryan & His Band in Portugal 2003 2nd Time.

Christina Alberto - Portugal

CONCERT 1 - June 18th

Lisbon-Atlantic Pavilion

18.000 people - SOLD OUT

This time Carla and me had Anita, a friend from Vienna-Austria, joining us for the concerts and to do some sightseeing in Lisbon. We arrived to the concert place around 2pm, there around 6 people in one of the queue that we already knew from the concert in February (all buddies), we chose to stay there with them, since there were much more people on the other queue.

The day was really hot; reaching 38ºC about the time we arrived. It was not easy to stay queuing all afternoon under that heat, the doors were suppose to only open at 8 pm, the heat was breathtaking; any shades were welcome and lots...lots of water. Our new friends helped passing the time, chatting about all kind of subjects, sharing photos and stories from the previous concerts. Finally the security start letting us in, I was 2nd in the queue, but with our friend Anita (not used to this situations), was not so fast as other times, but we did both reached the first row.

We did not manage to stay next with our friends but after some arrangements with the fellow 1st row buddies we managed to be all together (me, Carla, Anita, Carlos, his girlfriend Lily and Nádia, this last 3 our new buddies coming from Porto). We placed our big Portuguese flag in front of us in the barriers and waited patiently for the guys to come.

The Portuguese band (opening act) reached the stage at 9 pm, their name is "Santos & Pecadores", the singer was the one that sang the Portuguese version of the Bryan Adams songs for the SPIRIT movie. Their show was not so good, but helped to entertain the audience. Anyway my thought were only for the fact that twice in the same year Bryan sold out this
18.000 people Pavilion, I believe no other artist had than that before!!

The guys came on stage at 10 p.m., right after those 10 brilliant minutes of introduction with Jeff beck guitars.I love those songs!! (I already bought the CD meanwhile). Bryan hit us with: "Here I am", the audience went wild! I was really mentioned to see Keith again in such a short period of time.I know they were here in February but I was really missing him, and since I did not had the chance to speak with Keith last time I was hoping to have more luck this time!

The guys were really in a good mood, quite happy to be in Portugal again and realised how noisy, welcome and warm the audience d (opening act) reached the stage at 9 ! how noisy, welcome and warm the audience was!! Bryan even said that we were the best audience in Europe! WOW! And also for everybody amusement said many words in Portuguese, with a perfect accent. The line up of the songs was similar to February one, although they added "Rock Steady", "Let's make a night to remember" and "Please Forgive me", and also a song by Everly brothers - "When Will I be loved was added to B-stage set.

Show finished around midnight, with the beautiful "Straight from the heart". Once again I was wearing Keith white stage outfit hoping to get it signed. We waited outside to see the guys leaving, first the bus with the band left, I thought Keith was on the opposite side, inside the bus, but then some friends told me that he was still inside with Bryan recording the new album!

The car with Bryan + Keith only came out at 3.30 a.m. Security surrounded the car and were only allowing Bryan fans to ask for autographs. When it was Carla's turn, she told Keith I was outside the gate waiting to get the outfit signed, Bryan thought that was funny and ordered the drive to move the car a little further. I could then reach the right back window of the car to talk with Keith. He open the window right away and FINALLY signed the white T-shirt and the white pants that I was wearing. I was in Heaven! We spoke for some minutes than other people approached asking for autographs and I moved away. Since all the other fans were just looking for an autograph and were all Bryan's fans, I came forward again and chat a little more, took a photo with him and ask to sign a photo of us taken in Cardiff meeting last year. Those were precious moments; he looked gorgeous and was tender and sweet as ever!

When they left we drove back home, where we arrive nearly at 5 a.m. tired but very happy!

CONCERT 2 - June 20th

Porto- Coliseum

3.500 people - SOLD OUT

We left Cascais about 10.00 and hit the highway to Porto, which is 300Kms away from Lisbon Temperatures were reaching 40ºC and our car has no air-conditioned! We had to stop every 100Kms to relax and refresh ourselves. We managed to arrive to coliseum around 3 p.m. after being lost in the city for half an hour, but we finally parked the car in a park close to the concert venue. When we arrived were about 10/20 fans there that told us that Keith had just entered. I missed that, what a pity!

The doors opened at 8.30 and once again we reached 1st row, right in front of Bryan, but as stage was smaller, Keith's mike was quite close as well! Opening band was João Pedro Pais, the same guy that performed back in February, so everybody knew his songs very well and sang along.

Our guys came on stage punctually at 10 p.m. Since Bryan had to cancel Porto concert back in February, due to his voice problems, he gently excused himself to the audience and promised to compensate people with a great concert. Even thought there was no b-stage the concert lasted nearly 2.30h. Line up was the same than Lisbon show, plus "This time", "All for Love" and Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" were added. The highest moment was the amazing Keith guitar solo in "It's Only Love" - Fantastic!

He ran from one side to the stage to the other, he jumped, he danced. all this at the same time as he was performing an amazing guitar solo! Well done!

Like in Lisbon we waited to see the guys leaving and thank for the great show. Carla managed to go inside, since a mutual friend gave her his backstage pass. After some minutes I was on the phone with Keith! I called Carla to ask if she was managing to see any of the guys and she answered "Cris there is someone where who wants to talk with you!" And then I heard that lovely voice saying, "Hi Cris, this is Keith!" I felt my knees shaking!! We talked for a few minutes on the phone. Although, with Carla's help and Keith kindness, I was authorised to go inside as well.

Keith was lovely and very sweet as always. We were 4 fans and later more 3 joined us, we all went inside to a small room, where he offered us some wine (I preferred water, sorry.). We talked about lost of things ( I showed him my photo album with all the photos of our previous meetings-since 1988, his solo album- maybe out soon, but we have heard this several times before, tours, Noa - his beautiful daughter, Keith kindly showed us some cute photos of her from his computer, and so on).

After some time the other fans left to meet Bryan. Of course I stayed! I had the chance to chat with Keith for a while about more about many other things (I tried to remember everything that I wanted to ask, but was not easy with those gorgeous eyes looking at me!!!) After around half an hour, he left and I joined my friends that were chatting with Bryan, for another hour!! After Bryan leaves Carla and me felt that the last 15 years as loyal fans were very appreciated by the guys and y showed us some cute photos of her from his computer, and so on).by the guys and rewarded with their kindness toward us.drove right away to Guimarães, quite late again, to spend the night already there.

CONCERT 3 - June 21st


8.500 people - SOLD OUT

Next day after a nice breakfast, we went to "Multiusos" the concert venue, where only a few fans were there, so we managed to be among the first ones on line. Another very hot day!

The doors opened at 7.30 p.m and it was easy to get again a place at front, right in front of Keith!

The guys played for 2 hours, with a similar line up, the audience was not so good, but had many guys crazy about Bryan.

It was the last concert of this tour so Bryan thanked all the technicians and staff crew before concerts ends. The highest moment was when Bryan dedicated our group "Straight from the heart"! Thank you Bryan!

After the show we mange to see them leaving I had the chance to give Keith a postcard with a Thank you note and said goodbye!

Looking forward to see you again Keith, anytime, anywhere!

Many more funny and rocking years to come!