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Christina's Open Road

Cristina Alberto -Portugal

This time our (myself and Carla) adventure started at Wembley on the first show of the 2-nights-Wembley gigs (Oct. 29). We did not have tickets since it was sold out, but we manage to buy 2 there for an excellent price. Since we bought the tickets on the last minute when we entered inside the arena the first row was already fully taken, but we manage to join our 2 Portuguese friends that were on the 3rd row, on Gary's side. I believe this was the first time that, I was not on Keith side.but I knew that he usually runs the stage from one side to the other more than I stayed with my friends. The concert was great, but the audience was not very loud (we kept thinking: Portuguese audience is really good, loud and enthusiastic.that's why it is considered one of the best in the world!). It was amazing listen to some new songs from Room Service, especially "Not Romeu Not Juliet", my fave from the CD.

On next day (Oct. 30th) after a lot of time and trouble to reach Wembley Arena (due to engineering work, some of the tube stations were closed for the weekend, including Wembley), we only manage to reach Wembley around 4.30m. We tried to join our 2 friends who were already queuing since morning, but 2 ladies behind our friends did not allowed us to join them and kept telling everybody on the line, from the first person to the last one to NOT let us go inside before them. We understood their point of view, but we were only two and it was a bit cruel of those 2 ladies to act like that, concerning the reason why we were late. On previous day many people did reserve places for friends in front of us and we were OK with that. But well.we did not had other alternative and went to the end of the line. Lucky we managed to reach the 2nd row on Keith side, this time. The concert was very good as well, audience was much better and Keith seemed more relaxed and in the mood than in the night before.

On Monday (Nov. 1st) we took the train to Cardiff, early in the morning. As we had a scheduled time at 5.15pm for the Meet and Greet, we enjoyed the afternoon doing some Wales sightseeing. It was our 2nd time in Cardiff, but as this is a very nice city, recently opened there a Hard Rock Cafe, we had the time to have a nice, quiet and relaxing lunch there. At 5.00pm me and Carla met the other troobies at the Cardiff arena trucks entrance. We saw Ceri right away waving at us (it was so great to see you again Ceri!). Keith arrived 5min. before us so we were supposed to go inside shortly. After 10mins KEITH came outside and gave us all after show passes and asked us to follow him inside to a dining room. We started by taking a group picture and then each one took individual photos with Keith, gave presents, asked for autographs, chat a bit.I had the chance to ask Keith to sign the 2nd outfit that I have won, I was wearing the t-shirt so he sighed on the back and I did not wear the trousers ´cos I wanted Keith to sign it under the WORSE word on the back, and it would be a very embarrassing position to be in front of Keith and everybody if I would be wearing the trousers! LOL!! We talked mainly about his participation on the Portuguese singer new CD João Pedro Pais ( will come our this month) and the next concerts plans for Portugal - 90% confirmed a new year's eve concert in Algarve (south) and 100% concert in Lisbon on January 30th ( tickets already on sale)!! Great news!!! Keith was charming and kind as was an unforgettable hour. THANKS CERI for make these moments happen and.THANKS KEITH for taking the time to give us these special moments, which will be in my mind for the next months and in my heart forever!

Cardiff concert was AMAZING! One of the best concerts that; we have ever been (32 so far). Reckless CD made 20 years that week, so Bryan had the brilliant idea to surprise us, by playing all the songs from this CD...WOW!! Me and Carla started to be fans with this album.20 years ago. several times in some songs I could not stop tears dropping down my face!! So many memories came to my mind that happened during those 20 years... Keith was even more inspired on that night, if ever possible, his guitars solos on "It´s only love", "Kids wanna rock" and " Ain´t Gonna Cry", were breathtaking. To see him screaming in the end of "Ain´t Gonna Cry" just like in Reckless album was another high moment.

2004 was a great year (3 concerts and a meeting), 2005 is already promising to be another great year. See you soon KEITH again in Portugal.and maybe some of you fellow troobies!!!