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Have You Seen Our Pants

Emma Butt & Jane Coton - UK

We weren't really expecting the concert at Hyde Park to be as good as Cardiff Castle and Alton Towers due to the audience being seated, added to the fact that we wouldn't be in the front row - which is a first!

As we anticipated, the crowd were generally very tame and spiritless throughout the support acts. "Space" certainly didn't get the reception that they deserved (Too true - Ed). At least when Bryan came on stage few people remained seated, even if they weren't singing and dancing maniacally like us!

While the rest of our "B" section stayed relatively calm as Keith ventured over to our side of the stage, we were waving our arms and jumping around like a pair of deranged lunatics! This, to our delight, brought a response from Keith. We guess it's hardly surprising that we were over-excited with the anticipation of meeting Keith for the first time after the show.

The atmosphere seemed to gradually improve during the course of the night, and of course much thanks must go to Bryan for defying security and calling everyone to the front. Musically we thought the concert was excellent, and Keith played some fantastic solos. Our favourites of the night must be "How Do Ya Feel Tonight?", "If Ya Wanna Be Bad..." and "Back To You". For the latter one we joined in with Keith rather loudly on backing vocals and received some very strange looks from the people in front!

The highlight of the night however, without any doubt at all, was obviously getting backstage to meet Keith. When the time eventually came for us to go backstage, we were not as nervous as we expected to be. We had already said "Hi!" to Rick (Keith's guitar tech) on our way over.

Those unforgettable first words to us from Keith - "Have I seen your pants?!" Yes, if you were backstage too that was us! For everyone who didn't understand why we had lost our pants, it stemmed from the previous night. If you were at Alton Towers you might remember Bryan with a pair of "Stud Undies" at the very end of the show. Well, they belonged to us!

We hope we didn't embarrass anyone with our behaviour (except ourselves) at any time during the evening - apart from our good friend Ish, who sat next to us, and his mate Ian. We met Ish at Cardiff and over the course of the weekend we
managed to persuade him to become a Troobie - so Ceri, he
should be getting in touch. Ian, however, was a Bryan "virgin"
until Hyde Park - there's time yet! They both thought we were quite mad, and we can hardly deny it as we seem to recall dancing to ourselves singing "Hot Stuff" while we were backstage. Ok so we may be a few sandwiches short of a picnic but we were happy! That's our excuse and we're sticking to it!
We were also well chuffed not only meeting Keith, but Bryan, Mickey and Rick too (none of whom had our pants!). At this
stage we would like to ask a huge favour of Keith. Please could you say Hi to Rick. We found him most entertaining and a really nice bloke.

Looking at our photos of the night reminds us of the great time we had and the unforgetable experience of meeting Keith properly for the first time. We just hope we'll have the opportunity to do it all again. We would both like to thank Ceri for organising the get-together, and of course Keith himself for taking the time to meet everyone. We just hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. There's only one thing left to say now - roll on October, we'll see everyone then!