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Keith in Canada

Jane Beaton - Canada

It all started when I heard Keith, Bry and Mickey were coming to western Canada for a second time this year. I really couldn't believe my luck! I immediately started to figure out how many I could go to. I went with a group of people and it started at two shows and slowly ended up being SIX!!!

Keith was in fine form every night with his awesome guitar playing. Him and Bryan were running and dancing around the stage and it was so great to see.

Quite a few times I got to strum Keith's guitar and touch his legs. It is really the ultimate, being that close!!! You get to see everything....all their facial expressions and them all goofing around!! One night I had a yellow happy face balloon with me and when Keith walked by he took it outta my hand and put it on the microphone he was playing at!! That was so great. I was smiling a lot after that!!!

Keith was really in the Christmas spirit and one night had on a Santa hat and another night had on reindeer antlers. He looked so cute!!! I actually think a full Santa suit woulda been good for him. We coulda had Santa Keith!!!

Northern BC is bitterly cold, as I'm sure Keith could tell you. We waited outside for the guys and I swear a few times I almost got pneumonia. It was all worth it though, of course. One night we drove the car around to the back and I saw Keith come out and I called over to him and he started walking over cos I think he thought we were the car to take him to the hotel. Just before he got there Jody Perpick came out and said to him that the car was around the other side and that someone had told him the wrong way to go out. So close and yet so far away.

Another highlight of the week was when I got some pictures developed during the day. I had a great picture of Keith and Sabrina so I decided to ask Keith to sign if for her. It was really hard not to tell her but her surprise about it was totally worth it! Keith said it was a great picture, and I had to agree with him.

One night after the show Keith and Mickey were in the back of the van and, since the front was mobbed with people lining up for Bryan, we headed to the back to chat with them. They were SO nice and it was really cool just to get a friendly chat. It was like hanging out with them!!!

I think, outta the 6 nights, we met Keith about four of them and every night he was such a sweet guy!!

The best night of them all was when me and Beate got to go backstage. We were sitting there waiting for some action to happen. At that point in time it didn't look like anything was gonna come of it but all of a sudden Keith came in. For all those who think he's a hottie in white, well, I must say he looks even better in black! He was wearing all black and me and Beate were thinking ooooooooh ya! At that point we weren't sure if we'd get a chance to talk to him because he was talking to some people who he obviously knew rather well....friends or relatives. We sat and just waited to see what would happen and then Keith looked over and waved. We acted all cool and were like hey how's it going, and then went over to his table. He told his friends how we had been following the tour (can't believe he remembered) and we told him thanks for all the shows. We chatted for a while longer and then Keith had to go. He said bye and was such a sweet guy. He is so friendly and warm and sweet. We just sat there for a while thinking woweee... well, I did, anyhow!

During one of the shows Keith handed me his guitar pick, which was really cool!!! I also managed to get another one of his too!
One of the stage guys passed me it when they were packing up because he thought I'd like it! It was really cool to get one from Keith cos he coulda thrown it anywhere!!!!

Beate had a sign asking Keith to play "You're The Reason I Wear Black". He saw it and sorta gave a look like "maybe..." When we talked to him after he said that he hadn't practiced it in awhile and that it was up to Bryan. So Beate asked Bryan who said it was up to Keith! It was pretty funny. The next night Keith said he had practiced it a bit and we said that we'd LOVE to hear it but he said he didn't think it was ready for the stage quite yet! That woulda been a dream come true to hear that song live!!!!

The concerts were all totally amazing and seeing Keith play that guitar was unbelievable!!!! He did a little running on the spot thing during "Run To You" which was really cool!!!! We totally loved it! It was great to get little looks from Keith while he was playing. I'm sure anyone who's seen him playing knows what I'm talking about!! Just watching him play the guitar is mesmerizing.

All in all it was the most amazing week!!!! A great pre-Christmas present for sure. Can't wait for the next concert!

I must say that I also totally loved meeting some great fellow Troobies.....I luv ya Beate, Sabrina and everyone else I met along the way.