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Keith In Freeze Frame 6/10/99

Karen Betterage - UK

I didn't think I'd get the chance to see the guys this year so I was really excited when today finally came around!

My Mum and me caught the early morning train for the five hour journey from Penzance. The line outside Paddington was closed due to the recent train crash so we ended our journey inching through busy London traffic by bus.

At our hotel I changed into my KSFC shirt and we set out for Wembley with a buzz of anticipation and excitement. After a short underground ride, we were walking towards the twin towers of the Stadium which loomed impressively above us. The Arena, in comparison, looked like a supermarket from the outside! It was our second visit to Wembley Arena to see them - we last came in April '97.

We made our way to our seat, which were a lot further back than we'd hoped for, Almost halfway back on the side. With people sitting either side of me I felt a bit squashed in, and being on the side mean't we would all have to crane our necks to see the stage properly. Not a very encouraging start, especially as I was looking forward to having a really good view. Being BAFC tickets we thought we'd be a bit closer.

Republica came on to do their support slot. I'd heard a couple of their tunes but the
ones in between wounded a bit too similar. During their set I was busy eyeing up a few unoccupied seats a couple of blocks down. Maybe the occupants were at the bar? Maybe there were no occupants...? I told my Mum we were moving, dragging her unceremoniously back outside and we breezed Into the next block entrance under the pretence that we'd just nipped out for a bit and were returning to our seats! "This is more like it!" I yelled excitedly. We stood by the front railing just in front of the empty seats and gazed in awe at the stage, the side of which was a mere 10 feet away from where we stood. There was a stage extension, with a microphone stand on the end of it, and we wwere looking right down on it!

The seats behind us remained unoccupied. I didn't want to ask the steward whether we could sit there as it would've been obvious we weren't supposed to be there and he would've probably escorted us back to our proper seats. So we waited until the show started. We didn;t have to wait long. I love the moment when the lights go down and the crowd starts yelling and cheering. Guarantees to send shivers up my spine! The atmosphere was electric.

The steward came over and told us we had to move. He only looked about 18 which was even more annoying. So we casually sat in the empty row behind. To start with
Mum was a bit anxious as she thought he would tell us to move, but how did he know they weren't our allotted seats in the first place? Well, he could've checked our tickets I suppose! We were just fortunate enough, and had enough cheek, to grab a better seat!

And what a view! We'd managed to con our way into some of the best seats in the house! Bryan's voice echoed out into the Arena. "Is there anybody out there...?" Several thousand voices answered back. The three amigos walked onto a white stage with two white guitars and a white drum kit, dressed in white, and tore into "How Do Ya Feel Tonight?"

The steward, who obviously hadn't given up on us, was then trying to get us to sit down! How could we stay in our seats? Anyone who can stay seated and motionless for the duration of a BA concert has to be at the wrong concert. We carried on dancing around, yelling and waving our arms like lunatics, completely ignoring the steward. Eventually he gave up and returned to his post.

The guys went straight into "Back To You" but, after that I don't remember the order of the set. I was probably too traumatised. Not only did we have a wonderful view of them on stage, there was also a 15ft screen just above us showing everything in glorious close-up. Bryan and Keith would occasionally come over to our side of the stage. I couldn't believe how close they were! Almost within shouting distance. We kept looking at each other in amazement, as if we couldn't believe our luck, and nerve!

During "If Ya Wanna Be Bad-Ya Gotta Be Good" Bryan sang some of the lines in the style of a nagging female which was a novel twist on the usual sexy deep-voiced version! Introducing "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" Bryan said, "Here's a beautiful song, played by the beautiful Keith Scott!" I was inclinded to agree, I have to admit!

Bryan was reading out some of the banners being held aloft. One said "Keith - are you feeling horny tonight?" (which wasn't mine, by the way) Another referred to Bryan as a stud. He said it would've been nice if somebody's banner had just said "Hello" or something. I wish I had thought of making one, I could've put a Troobie message on it.

For "When You're Gone" Bryan invited a girl from the audience to sing with him. She turned out to be about six inches taller than he was. "We've never had a woman as big as you before". She didn't know hardly any of the words. She got a kiss and hug afterwards. The words "Insanely" and "Jealous" come to mind!

Just like last time, Bryan started us all chanting "Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley" as if we were at a football match. We needed no encouragement to start shouting back at him.

Towards the end of the show Keith stood on one of the amps and it caved in under his feet. It happened in almost slow motion. He keeled over, lost his balance and ended up flat on his back, guitar still in hand. An initial "Ooooooh" of concern rippled through the audience. He obviously wasn't hurt as I could see him laughing, and he carried on playing! Bryan went over to where he was lying and promptly sat on top of him!

Positioning the mic stand nearby he then carried on singing. Keith made a few attempts to get back to his feet, but each time Bryan pushed him back down again. Eventually he managed to get back up, amid roars from the crowd. (Sorry, Keith, but I couldn't leave that out!)

They returned for an encore after we almost raised the roof with the noise we were making demanding their return. Accompanied by a drum roll, Keith ran across the stage and pretended to trip over again. Bryan introduced him as Keith "head-on-collision" Scott.

The guys then left the stage for the last time. On the big screens above us we were left with a final memorable freeze-frame of Keith lying on his back with Bryan about to pile on.

Reluctantly we had to leave. Couldn't we just rewind through and do it all again?!!! We joined the masses of contented fans and filed back outside. My Mum and me ambled back to the station singing our heads off like a
couple of teenagers (we fully believe in the philosophy of

"18 Til I Die") It was late when we got back to the hotel but we didn't care. We were tired and had no voices left, which mean't we had a great time! We were on Cloud Number Nine!

Thanks for a great show, guys! "Proper job, me 'andsome!" as we Cornish would say!

NOTE: Hope you can make it to the next KSFC Meet & Greet, Karen! (Ed.)