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Leiria 8/6/99

Cristina Alberto - Portugal

June 8th - 1999

Around 10.30am we left Cascais and drove all the way to Leiria, where the concert was going to take place, which is 150km away from Lisbon. We (me and Carla) already travelled much longer distances to see the guys live but never driving, so this was going to be different.

You took 2 hours to arrive to Leiria, our first objective once there was to find the concert venue. With a city map found in one of the city squares it was not hard to find the place and park the car near by! Then our main worry was to find the man that promises us free tickets, we drove all these kms without tickets yet, but since we heard the concert was not sold out we were not worried .Lucky we find him right away, he gave us the tickets and even took us to a little tour to the stage. Indeed was a different sensation to be on Bryan's stage and to realise the perceptive that they have to the audience! This concert was already starting very well and promising!! we .
We went back to the stadium around 6.30 p.m., were already there around 10people, and some of there were familiar from previous concerts, so once again we spent some time exchanging thoughts and stories about Bryan. The doors only opened at 8.30pm, we were already desperate!! To get worst the way to go to the stage was really far away and we had to run all the way, if we wanted to be in the first row! We are not that young anymore, but we were happy to realised that we left behind some younger fans. I guess we are in better shape that we thought, and we reached the first row once again in front of Keith! YESSSS....

Two Portuguese bands performed first, those were such long minutes that never seemed to finish! Finally the stage was being prepared for the guys, all in white, some new cool white lights and microphones for only three people.

At 10.30 they came on stage, all dressed in white and big smiles on their faces, and hit us with "Summer of ´69"! They were in a very good mood, the audience (around 7.000) was very noisy and knew all the lyrics, which madeBryan turned the microphone our way to make us sing even louder!

Bryan played bass almost all the concert, that guy is perfect in anything that he focus! He said many works in Portuguese, which made the audience crazy and even signed some autograph at the end of the concert from the stage, things that I do not see Bryan doing for a long time!!

Keith shows how happy he isto be the only guitar player in the band now, his solos
were even better, even longer and even faster! They are perfect being just the three dudes, the stage is full to our eyes and musically just with Bryan, Mickey and Keith!

They sang many old songs like: Somebody, Run to you or I'm Ready and somenew ones: "C´mon, C´mon, C´mon", "On a day like today" and "When you 'reGone". As a request written on a Fan paper board

Bryan sang an acoustic version of "When the Night Comes", which was great to remember. To finalise the concert and after an encore of 5 songs Bryan and Keith, alone on stage, sang and played Everything I do I do it for you and Please Forgive me..

and with this Bryan words: "I always feel like coming back to Portugal to this fantastic public."! The moment we always fear arrived, they left the stage and the stadium lights turned on! We kept asking to ourselves:"When are we going to see the again live...we miss them already..."Than we had more 150km to do back home, we arrived in Cascais around 3am, we were tired and slept right away!

Next day we found out that Bryan had already left to France, but the musicians were still were. We did not had any luck that day! But next day we were lucky to meet Mickey and Keith when they were leaving the Hotel to go to the Airport, they were very nice to us, we took pictures with them and signed our "On a day like Today" CD.