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National Lottery 16/11/96

Nic Hathaway - UK

I first met Bryan at the Lottery back in May. I got his autograph but forgot to say thanks so I had vowed to meet him again. Then I heard that the boys were on the following Lottery Show on Saturday 16th November. Somehow I managed to get tickets. We ended up getting to the BBC four hours early. Bryan arrived a couple of minutes later, but we missed the Band.

When we got in the studio this bloke was telling us jokes - trying to get us excited or something - us fans didn't need it! As soon as the show started we kept looking at the corner of the stage and, sure enough, Bryan and the Band were there.

I couldn't see Bryan so I just kept looking at Keith. The boys bot a loud scream when they came on (it's funny how loud four fans can be). Then, when they started STAR, I couldn't believe it - Keith was singing the intro! When it came to the bit "when you're dancing and shit..." we all started laughing - including Keith.

Afterwards Bryan came over and we got his autograph. When they came back at the end I just yelled "KEITH!" (Sorry, Keith, I couln't help myself) , trying to get him to come over (OK, so I begged...) Unfortunately he didn't come over, just waved goodbye to us. Instead we got to talk to Dave and gave him a Christmas card for Keith and the Band. and one for Bryan. And to round the evening off I got 4 LOTTERY NUMBERS!!!