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Room Service In Portugal And Spain 2005

Christina Alberto - Portugal

Jan. 30th

LISBON - Pavilhão Atlantico

The first concert in Lisbon was very special. Not only because we were missing the guys since November 2004 (not long ago, but we always miss them.) but also some weeks ago Bryan let us know at the fan Club chat that the concerts in Lisbon would be filmed for a DVD. What? Really? We have been telling Bryan for some time that he should film a DVD in Portugal.why? Because we are the best audience in the world and Portugal loves Bryan!!! We were all very excited and anxious about it.

In our way to the Pavilion we picked up my Spanish friend: Sabina from Mallorca at the Train Station in Lisbon, who was joining us for the Portuguese concerts. We arrived at the concert venue at 9.00 am. Although 10 fans were on the line already, we were positive that we could reach the first row.

The day passed really fast, chatting with old friends, painting boards, seeing new photos, midday our friend from Porto: Carlos, arrived, so we spend the rest of the afternoon chatting, since we weren't together since last Bryan concerts in Portugal ( February 2003).

The doors opened at 7am, the first row was ours: Carlos, Carla, Me, São (another friend) and Sabina, right in front of Bryan microphone. We hanged the Portuguese flags on the barriers and prepared the posters that we have written during the day with some messages, requested and statements. Mine said: Portuguese K-Man No.1 Fan, no one has doubts about it, right? The poster was right in front of me at the barrier; it was difficult to miss me!!

The first band was: João Pedro Pais, the same guy who open for BA last time, the one that Mickey and Keith participated on his latest CD ( our guys did a great job, by the way!). It was good, as always, and helped us to warm up. Bryan and the guys came on stage at 9.30pm, after the cameramen get ready...and they were MANY.I remember at least 5 in front of us on first row, than 2 on stage and two on rails.but I'm sure there was much more. The stage was the same as last year in London, red curtain, 17 standing

projectors on stage and this also had two huge screens on each side of the stage.The set list was:

Room Service
Open Road
18 Til I Die - Everybody who saw us jumping can confirm that we can be on the way to 55, but still look 18!! LOL
Let's Make A Night To Remember
Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Kids Wanna Rock - I love the duet that Bryan and Keith make with the guitars. They are 2 genius.
Back To You
Everything I Do
Summer Of '69
Cuts Like A Knife
When You're Gone (with Mariana from Carcavelos, Cascais)
Not Romeo Not Juliet - I love this song live.or in the CD! It's my fave!
Heaven - Bryan is playing the original's beautiful.
Lonely nights
It's Only Love WOW!! That guitar solo.!!!!
The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
Cloud #9
Run To You
The Best Of Me
All For Love
Straight From The Heart Room Service (acoustic)

After the gig we waited for the guys outside. We had the chance to see Keith and Bryan coming out, inside the same car. There were lots of fans and very cold, so they only opened the window a little to shake hands with us and exchange a few works. It was all very fast!

Our 3 friends ( Carlos, São an Sabina) stayed in our house so we all drive to Ericeira after this.

Jan 31st

LISBON - Pavilhão Atlantico

We waked up at 8am, had breakfast and "run" to the Pavilion. After we set our place in the queue we ( Carlos, me, Carla and Sabina) went with 3 friends to a radio station in Lisbon (RFM), where Bryan was going to give an interview and ask Bryan a question, as they won the contest.. We were already inside the radio station waiting when Bryan arrived, after some photos, he and our friends went to the radio amphitheatre, where the live interview was going to take place. After a couple of minutes, a radio staff came asking if we wanted to attend the interview: OF COURSE. As soon as we went inside Bryan said, pointing to Carla, that it was him that asked for us. We were all very pleased and had a fun time attending the interview and we also keep company to our friends who were very nervous seating in front of Bryan and waiting to ask their questions.During the radio program Bryan said some interesting things, like the video of the new single ROOM SERVICE is going to be live and the shots are from the Lisbon's concerts!!! WOW! Also that in September will be out a box to celebrate his 25 years as a musician and will includes the "Stripped" CD and a Live DVD called "LIVE IN LISBON" or maybe "LIVE IN LISBOA!" Cool!! Now we have to wait..After the radio program we went to take our place at the queue for one more concert. Once more we reached the first row and stayed all together. This concert was not completely filmed, just a few songs and some audience

Af to a radio station in Lisbon (

hots. Anyway it was great as well, and the set list was only different when the guys replaced "It's only love" by "Somebody", which I love.

After the show we saw Bryan coming out and Keith, This time in different cars. So it was easier to speak a little with both. I had again the chance to chat a bit with Keith and take a photo, although he did not left the car, since too many fans were there and once again was cold, maybe 1 or 2 º C.

Feb. 1st

PORTO - Pavilhão Rosa Mota

We wake up early left plenty of food for our cats and drove to Porto with our friends. The distance is about 350 km and we made it as fast as we could.

After we left our car and bags at Carlos house we "run" to the concert venue "Pavilhão Rosa Mota". Guess what.we mange to be in the first row. The concert was great and they guys surprised us with an electric "Blessing in Disguise". We danced, jumped and sang a was like a HUGE party.

The audience was very good.

After the concert and after waiting 1 hour in the cold night Carla and me manage to meet Bryan and take lovely photos with him, and after half an hour there was Keith. Me and Carla took lovely photos with him, sign some of the photos from the Cardiff Meet and Greet from 2004 and chat a bit. He was lovely as always.

Feb 3rd

VIGO - Pabellon de As Travesas

After a day off in Porto, doing some sightseeing with Carlos and São, we drove to VIGO, in Spain. It's about 150 km away from Porto. When we arrived we only had 8 people in front of us.

The city seemed interesting but we only saw the street where the venue was!! LOL!! Doors opened a little later: 7.35pm. First row again..two crew members laughed when they saw us at the first row again with our 3 Portuguese flags.I remind you that we were in Spain!!

The concert was great, although the barriers were very high; it was in front of my neck. and I'm 1,70m!! Bryan did not played "The best of me" this night, to me it was because he had no place to put his feet to reach the audience.

After the concert we met Keith again for some minutes, took another photo, signed the photo that we took in Porto, two night before ( the magic of technology) and chat a bit, he even showed us some photos of Noa and Wyatt. We were very honoured and pleased.

Than we had to say Bye..see you soon!! We hope. We also had the chance to say bye to Bryan when we left fast on his Mercedes.

Christina Alberto - Portugal