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So Far So Good Tour - Brisbane - 2/2/94

Jodi Prins - Australia

It's the news every Bryan Adams and Keith Scott fan longs to hear - confirmation that out favourite Canadian duo are coming to your city! And for fans in Brisbane, Australia, it was no different. The 13,500 tickets on sale sold out in record time to fans expecting a night of real rock'n'roll...and the band didn't disappoint! From the moment they all stepped out onto the stage - the first time we Aussies had seen Keith's (then) new shoulder-length haircut - they set out to give a fabulous show, which was described the next day in a review as similar to "a bazooka hitting the Entertainment Centre."

One of the most noticable features of the concert was it was the first time in Australia that members of an international band did some "stage-diving". Of course, it was Keith who dived into the crowd...he received numerous huge roars when he hurled himself - guitar, chords and all - into the audience. The front rows did a great job of "carrying him back" (I missed his backside by inches!!!) only to have himjump straight back in again! He seemed to be having a great time all by himself, at times sitting on the stage, strumming his guitar and talking with girls in the front rows. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them!

But who could have told what the next day would bring!!! I had never dreamed of meeting Keith!! And I couldn't believe it when I actually did.

We were at the Heritage Hotel, on the same block where I work in the city! First to walk out was Dave and his wife, followed closely by Keith, who attracted everyone like a magnet! We couldn't get over how open-hearted he was, his charm and his willingness to take the time to chat, autugraph things and have his photo taken many times with fans. Between having his photo taken he was extremely eager to show off his "war-wounds"...a (very) small scratch he had acquired the previous night while throwing himself into the crowd. We told him he was very brave!! Ha! Ha! When my turn came to have my photo taken he asked me why I was holding a can of Diet Coke...was it for him? No, I said, I was on my lunchbreak and this was lunch...Very good, he said. Ha! Ha!

Then he finally left, getting into their Tarago van and driving off, Keith waving and turning around to see us all off!

It only lasted about 20 minutes but it was so heartening to see that someone who is as big a name as Keith is still so unaffected and charming as the day he started out. I can honestly say that before I met him, I had never heard of anyone saying a bad word about the man, and after meeting him I can understand why!!