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The Luck Of The 3m's

Massimo Bagatti - Italy

Hi, guys! It's Thursday 2nd November....Do you put on your favourite T-shirt? Are you ready to leave everything to live in a dream? If you are ready, I'm ready too! Let's go!!

After half day where I devoted byself to my work, I and Monica went to "Forum" in Milano, only 25 minutes from my home; we arrived at 1pm and in front of our eyes.....few people!

Okay, probably it's later, the weather it's not good, probably we are always exageratedly before time. Don't worry, before the gates'll open we must spend much time - we are hopeful there'll be many people!! In front of the gate the three M's (Monica, Marzia and Massimo) are together again, but like always we were ignorant of what must happen.

A very important rule when you wait the opening of the gates it's "ALWAYS READY" because sometime, out of the gates can happen what you can never imagine! We know it!

So, "HEY ELVIS!"'s true, Lance "Elvis" Stadnyk was there. We went near him, while the other people looked us like if we are crazy. We aren't crazy, we only remember with great gratitude his kindness in Vienna.

Lance remembered and he spent some minutes with us! I gave him a photo that we take all together in Vienna. He was very happy to see it, then with
"See you later". Thanks Lance, stay always ready because if you will hear the great scream "HEY ELVIS!" look around you - The 3 M's will be there!

After this beautiful moment we wait again. When the gates opened I were frozen, but my only care has been see around us few peoples. I can't believe in my eyes/ yes, it's true, I experienced a bitter disappointment. Italy forget Bryan Adams?

But now we can't wait, we musted run with all our strength to arrived in front of the stage, like always, in front at the Keith's microphone. So RUN MAX! RUN! RUN! I didn't kow how many steps I go up and I go down, but I know an only thing....that steps were so much!

When I arrived in front of the microphone, I asked myself "Max, why don't you enter yourself for the Olympic Games?" i felt worn out, but I were first!

Okay, Marzia and Monica were there, everybody were ready, but the real problem was the public, too few!

During the performance of the supporter group the lights were out and the sensations was that something behind our backs was changed. Okay, turn on the lights!! I can't believe my eyes, it can't be true, behind our backs there were thousands of persons, it was full of boys, girls, ladies,
men, everybody here for "A Night To Remember"!

Now we are really ready! In air we can feel a great atmosphere. Suddenly, in front of our eyes only the dark, some note and..."Is there anybody out there?"

The concert stated with a great "How Do Ya Feel Tonight". Everybody jumped, sand out, everybody with the arms in air.

Keith, Bryan and Mickey with a while clothes, everythings of the scenography was white. The night was just started. Keith was there, in front of us, in front of me, immediately I lift up my T-Shirt "Keith Til I Die" and Keith recognise it, but above all he recognised me and he gave me a nod.

Okay, now K knew that I were there and for me it was enough, but I didn't know what wait for me.

The concert go on with "69", "Back To You", "Can't Stop..." and many other great songs, but very important was to see Keith, Bryan and Mickey play with energy, passion and above all full of joy! In that atmosphere we all were "crazy", everybody felt the great sensation of joy.

I think this is the real spirit of all the concerts. If you go to see a concert and you go out without to be happy, full of joy and in your mind you don't think "Okay, I'm ready to restart now!!" you'll forget it in a short time, because it didn't convey you nothing. I saw 8 concerts of the guys, and I'll always be ready to feel in my vein that joy that, also in sad moments they convey me. THANKS KEITH! THANKS GUYS!

After "The Only Thing..." Keith was in front of me. I extended my hand and he gave me his plectrum. I can't believe, the plectrum was in my hand. Now in my collection I have 6 plectrums, every one with it's story.

When Bryan closed the concert, Mickey and Keith went near him and everybody greeted with prolonged applause. Mickey flung the drumstick and I don't know how, with my left hand, like if it was magnetic, I take one drumstick! It's incredible, in a few minutes I take one plectrum and one drumstick...was my lucky night? I thinked yes,
but the confirmation of my thought arrived in a short time.

After this great moment the guys replayed and we listened "Cloud #9", "Somebody", "Please Forgive Me", and more - you can imagine the great happiness in all of us.

After two hours and more of concert the end...this time was a real end. Bryan said hello to everybody, while Keith put down his guitar.

Here I had my confirmation of my lucky day! Keith was there, I said Hello to him, he looked me and said "Ciao, Massimo!" It's not possible! Keith said "Ciao, Massimo!" - he remembered me, he remembered my name. I can't tell you my great emotion, but you can imagine it!

The light up, but we didn't leave the stage, we decided to stay to said hello to "Elvis". When he went up on the stage, we scream "HEY ELVIS!" He
looked around and when he looked us he flung the Bryan bottle of water, but we didn't take it. "Elvis" looked and he flung Bryan's towel...oh, oh, oh.....YES! It's in my hand....THANKS ELVIS!!

The Keith's plectrum., the Mickey's drumstick, the Bryan's towel - a great concert. But above all the recollection of that "Ciao, Massimo".

My adventure ended here, this time I didn't go to the hotel even if we knew where the guys sleep. The day after I must work, so I decided to go to home to sleep. But this is another story that Marzia lived and also if I know what happened, I think it right that is Marzia to tell you her splendid story.

Marzia said me that in front of the hotel Keith asked her why I don't were there. I'm very sorry, but this time I musted choose my work. Also, if for all the day after my mind was there with you. I wanna thanks Keith for another thing that confirm his kindness.

"I wanna thank you, Keith, for your message on internet. Monica, Marzia and me are very happy you like our little girt and we hope see you soon, because we'll be ready to restart for a new adventure.

Now and always the 3 M's will be "KEITH TIL WE DIE!

Ciao, Massimo."